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Post by domsalvia » Sat Feb 03, 2018 8:25 pm

New actual RP forum WTF?!

I don't do forum RP but I understand others do. If you want to start a new thread for RP purposes go nuts, but please make sure you include all the relevant details in the OP! This should include:
  • The limits of what might be found in the thread
  • What is accepted, and what is forbidden, such as themes that might be part of the RP
  • Any warnings for what will be part the thread - others might want to read, but lets make sure they're informed on what they are in for
  • How many people can be a part of it - too many people can make it unwieldy. Equally,if you aren't gonna join in any more please explicitly notify for others can join rather than just ghosting, or let people know about upcoming holidays so they don't just find you missing for a couple of weeks.
Essentially the rules are straight forwards, let people know what they are in for, be considerate to others, and, most importantly,have fun!

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