What Is Maccadams?

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What Is Maccadams?

Post by domsalvia » Wed Feb 14, 2018 8:14 am

What is Maccadams? Well an internet forum of course! But more importantly, it's your internet forum.

What I mean by that is unless this place unexpectedly blows up in to having thousands of users and something more structured is desperately needed to keep things vaguely sane I see this place running as a considerate free for all. You do what you like so long as you are being thoughtful and considerate of others. It was literally made as a nice place for lovely transformers fans to be kind to each other and it's more your place than anything else. Think of @tainkirrahe and myself as servant leaders here to make things happen and manage stuff if you do need someone to step in, mostly we are facilitators do make this forum a place you want to be.

Much love,

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