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Thread Rules

Post by domsalvia » Tue Feb 20, 2018 7:31 am

Hi all,
I know I try and avoid rules and assume everyone on here knows how to be kind and considerate to one another but with Real Life (tm) creeping in to online fun with this kind of thread I though some rules might keep things clear and safe for everyone and prevent headaches for me :D

  • Everyone makes their own thread with the OP to be maintained with currently for sale or wanted items. When something sells or you have a new item to sell, just edit the OP with any changes to your sale list.
  • The thread subject should include at least country or region so people can look close to them, it's all very well getting excited about finding something you want then postage turns out to be crazy!
  • Always post a photo of your item. It must be a photo of the actual item for sale, no stock photos or pics lifted from elsewhere. If there are any potential issues with the item, add pics of that too so people know what they are buying.
  • Always post a clear description of each item. This can be as simple as "mint in box", or as detailed as necessary depending on the item and it's condition.
  • Use PayPal and factor in the fees as part of the price so there is some buyer protection going on. No "£xx Friends and Family or add 3.4% to cover fees" type pricing please, lets keep things safe and clear.
  • In the case of international transactions please make it clear who is gonna be responsible for any international transaction fees, don't leave it to be discovered and argued about when the time to pay comes.
  • Please always quote postage as at least signed for so both seller and buyer have a degree of confidence that things have been posted. If you have a tracking number, share it with the buyer.
  • When you have a completed a deal with someone please leave feedback in their thread so people can build a reputation as a good egg.
  • If you have an eBay account, feel free to post a link to your feedback.
Happy buying and selling and hopefully you lot can hook each other up with some lovely toys!

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