Any toys anybody's looking forward to?

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Re: Any toys anybody's looking forward to?

Post by Knightsword » Thu Aug 02, 2018 10:34 pm

I'm looking forward to Maketoys' Not-Jetfire and what ever leaderish sized the Jetfire is that popped up in the Amazon listings for next year.
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Re: Any toys anybody's looking forward to?

Post by dustbunny105 » Sat Dec 15, 2018 6:39 am

There are a few 3Ps I've got my eye on but what's got me in my most recent tizzy is Siege Greenlight! Like, okay, it's another reuse of the Moonracer mold. I'm not so excited about that. BUT, honestly, I held no real hope at all that she'd get a toy, never mind a mainline release. Anyhow, at least they did some retooling this time-- making her look buffer and never mind that the robo-abs are kinda silly-- and that deco is stellar. And we never did see her alt mode. I'd have liked if they were a little more creative with that freedom but I suppose she may as well be a car similar to Moonracer. Not like with Firestar, who I like but will probably never look at without thinking in the back of my head, "She's supposed to be a truck, though."

Fingers crossed that we'll be getting Lancer, too, to finish off the team. I'm a little bit wary about how they'll handle her rather distinctive appearance but the retooling on Greenlight gives me hope. (This, of course, assumes she'll be another Moonracer repaint but I can't imagine at this point that she'd be anything else. Kinda don't even want her to be, if only for limb consistency.)

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